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Koala Ecology Group

The Koala Ecology Group

The Koala Ecology Group conducts field, captive and laboratory-based projects, researching the physiology and behavior of koalas in a range of environments across Queensland. We have several current field research sites that have been continuously monitored for over 20 years, allowing us to undertake long term studies – such as the impacts of large infrastructure and resource extraction projects on the life history of free-ranging koalas, and seasonal spatial and breeding dynamics.
Our group pioneered new techniques for investigating mating systems, determining diet preferences, understanding vocal interactions and analyzing spatial dynamics, amongst other aspects of koala biology. Our list of publications is comprehensive and authoritative.
Our senior researcher, Dr. Bill Ellis, graduated with a PhD in koala biology from the Department of Zoology at The University of Queensland and undertook a Postdoctoral Fellowship with the Centre for Research into Endangered Species at San Diego Zoo, prior to establishing the Koala Ecology Group. He is surrounded by a staff of dedicated biologists and ecologists and a team of enthusiastic and talented postgraduate students. We are currently funded through a combination of Queensland Government and Industry funding, allowing us to research disease transmission, heat physiology, social behavior and responses to development and resource extraction. We have a number of community – based projects and have collaborative research projects with The University of Sydney, Queensland University of Technology and Central Queensland University.

KEG Team Members

  1. Dr Ben Barth
    Senior analyst - Koala Ecology
  2. Dr Bill Ellis
    Director - Koala Ecology Group
  3. Dr Sean FitzGibbon
    Senior Scientist - Koala Ecology
  4. Dr Jason Wimmer
    Sensor analyst
  5. Ass Prof. Robbie Wilson
    Multi-talented link man
  6. Dr Amber Gillett
    Chief Veterinarian & Artistic director